Every unit that Tracked Outdoors acquires undergoes a complete tear-down, where we disassemble the vehicles for a thorough inspection. We then perform any required restoration before reassembling the machines. The Hägglunds BV206 machines are then put o the test in the field before being offered for sale. All machines listed below are now for sale. Take a look and call us for pricing & to make an order!

AAA 4124
Ford V-6 GasSold
ADE 2260
ADK 1002
AFE 5351
6 Cylinder Diese lSold
AFL 6850
BFE 0536
6 Cylinder Diesel Sold
CAA 0586
Ford V-6 Gas Sold

Recent Videos

In these videos, we welcome you to Tracked Outdoors, showing you the capabilities of the Hagglunds BV206 machines and show you around the facility where tear-down, inspection, & restoration takes place. Also, checkout the new video that showcases the machine's snow performance in mountainous terrain.