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At Tracked Outdoors we distribute Hägglunds BV206 machines. These vehicles are utilized mostly in military operations, but also bring advantage to our everyday lives whether its for camping trips, hunts, off-road adventures, or for industries such as Gas Processing, Wind Energy, Renewable Resources, Logging, Forestry, Search & Rescue, and Emergency Services. Every unit that Tracked Outdoors acquires undergoes a complete tear-down, where we disassemble the vehicles for a thorough inspection. We then perform any required restoration before reassembling the machines. The Hägglunds BV206 machines are then put o the test in the field before being offered for sale.

What is a Hägglunds BV206?

The Hägglunds BV206 was originally produced in Sweden for military use. These powerful all-terrain vehicles were developed to handle rough conditions with ease. They have a tight turning radius, can carry over two tons of cargo and are fully amphibious. You can choose a gasoline or turbo diesel engine, depending on your particular needs.

These heavy-duty vehicles have utility for a variety of uses and industries, including:

Forestry | Transmission line work | Crew transport and tourism | Pipeline construction and maintenance | Construction work on remote sites | Forest fire fighting | Rescue and relief work

Overcome snow, mud, marsh, tundra, water and sand without issue. Purchase one of our all-terrain vehicles today in Casper, WY.

Own Superbly Engineered All-Terrain Vehicles

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We carry two main types of Hägglunds to address your needs. Choose a cargo personnel carrier model or a flatbed model for hauling supplies.

Never let rough terrain keep you from getting the job done.